Edwin Warfield Launches Exclusive CEO Interview Site


Edwin Warfield, CEO at citybizlist

Edwin Warfield today announced the launch of a new website dedicated to the popular "CEO interviews" video Q&As published on citybizlist. The new Warfield.co will serve as a dedicated repository for the more than 300 interviews Warfield has conducted over the last 2 years These interviews include entrepreneurs, CEOs, angels, disruptors, innovators and professionals in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington.

"We wanted to create a website devoted to the CEO Interviews, as a way to highlight the individuals and make it easier for readers to find them," says Warfield. "Warfield interviews bring you face to face with the innovators and creators who are shaping the way we think and speak about today's most important issues."This is the first site dedicated exclusively to these interviews. All new CEO Interviews will be published on both citybizlist and Warfield.

In addition, Warfield.co includes new information channels not found on citybizlist, including digital entrepreneurs. digital marketing, edtech/martech/fintech, incubators/co-working, black entrepreneurs, financial services, non-profits, venture capital/private equity, biotech/medtech, rockstars/politicians/disruptors, foodpreneurs, woman entrepreneurs, professional services and general business.

Some recent interviews include:

Warfield is collaborating with a number of sponsors to build out additional channels and cities including Newmark Grubb Frank . Katz Abosch , WMS Partners and Nevins & Associates. To learn more about sponsors, visit - http://www.warfield.co/sponsors/

Edwin Warfield has been an award-winning publisher of leading, influential local-business news sources for more than three decades. From 1983 to 1994, he was publisher of The Daily Record and Warfield's in Baltimore. From 1994 to 2002, he served as the founder and Chairman of the Local Business Network which was backed by US Equity Partners and Times Mirror. He launched citybizlist in 2002 and started conducting CEO Interviews in 2014.

Warfield collaborated with Bryna Colley and Brian Singer from Foundry 19  The team at Foundry 19 are world class. Their design and development team are rock stars."

Companies interested in helping build channel interviews, reach the C-suite, expand or launch a city should visit opportunities or contact Edwin Warfield at edwin.warfield@citybizlist.co

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