Verizon Will Likely Shed $15 Billion In Market Capitalization In 2013

Verizon Communications (VZ) is a world renowned telecommunication company. Despite the glamor and hype behind smartphone devices, the stock is set up for a major correction that could shed $15 billion off its market capitalization by the end of 2013. It will decline because investors have overbought the stock, pushing it to unsustainable valuations.

Qualitative Analysis

(Note: Information pertaining to Verizon Communications came from the annual shareholder report and shareholder quarterly report.)

Verizon Communications is split into two separate business divisions, wireline and wireless. The wireline is composed of voice, Internet access, broadband video and data, Internet protocol network services, network access, long distance, and other services. The wireless service includes wireless voice and data services and equipment sales, which are provided to businesses, consumers, and governments.


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